• The team
    Part of the Cafeteria Staff that makes it all happen!
    (Not pictured: Penny Strain) 
    Food Service Director:
    Heather Myers                                  
    Food Service Helpers:
    Debi Dibble
    Cynthia Hubert
    Patti LeFever
    James Ruch 
    Penny Strain
    Please check your child's account to ensure they have breakfast/lunch money. We are working to set up a system that will allow parents/guardians to receive a weekly phone call to let them know how much money is on each child's account. You can also call the cafeteria anytime to get this information at 326-2196 
    If your child does not like what we have on the menu for any specific day, we also offer a variety of other options for them. See the list below. These entrees will also come with a vegetable and fruit of their choice. 
    Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
    WOWButter and Grape Jelly Sandwich (Peanut and Tree Nut Free alternative)
    Salad Bar with a whole grain roll
    Yogurt and Graham Crackers