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Ms. Kimberly A. Alonge
Room 236 / Grades 6-12
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2016-2017 School Year

1st & 2nd Semesters

Semester 1

 Period 1- (A) Computer 6 (B)  - Sports Management
  Period 2 (A) -History NY Yankees (DL) (B) Sports Management
 Period 3 (A) - Public Speaking (DL) (B) CFM 
 Period 4 (A) Fashion Merchandising (B) Study Hall
Period 5 (A) Advanced C7 (B) Advanced C7
Period 6 (A) Lunch Duty 1 (B) Prep
Period 7 (A) Prep (B) Prep
Period 8 (A) CFM  (B) Yearbook Production
Period 9 (A) Study Hall (B) Yearbook Production  


Semester 2
Period 1- (A) Computer 6 (B)  - Sports Management
  Period 2 (A) -History NY Yankees (DL) (B) Sports Management
 Period 3 (A) - Public Speaking (DL) (B) CFM 
 Period 4 (A) Fashion Merchandising (B) Study Hall
Period 5 (A) Advanced C7 (B) Advanced C7
Period 6 (A) Prep (B) Study Hall
Period 7 (A) Prep (B) Prep
Period 8 (A) CFM  (B) Yearbook Production
Period 9 (A) Study Hall (B) Yearbook Production  

 A Mix Test PPT for the Yankees