Dr. Mary Rockey, Director of Special Education 
Amy Webb, CPSE/CSE Chairperson, Section 504 Coordinator
Lauren Ryan, PPS Assistant
Related Services
Ashley Raynor, School Psychologist
DeAnn Shelters, School Social Worker 
Heath Forster, Speech/Language Pathologist, SLP
Jessica Group, Speech/Language Pathologist, SLP
Colleen Aldrich, Occupational Therapist, OT
Megan Wright, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, COTA
Mike Peterson, Physial Therapist, P
Aryle Goss, Special Education Teacher (Preschool) 
Joan Clamp, Special Education Teacher (K-2)
Judy McCord, Special Education Teacher (1-4)
Emily Bostwick, Special Education Teacher (3-5)
Ann Damcott, Special Education Teacher (5) 
Middle School
Ann Damcott, Special Education Teacher (6)
Season Brigham, Special Education Teacher (7-8)
Martin Oakes, Special Education Teacher (6-8)
High School
Sue Harris, Special Education Teacher (9-10)
Loretta Lucie, Special Education Teacher (11-12)
Douglas Hillerby, Special Education Teacher (9-12) 

**Every Child age 3-21 is entitled to Special Education Services, if they qualify.