Food Service

Heather Myers, Food Service Director
Debi Dibble
Cynthia Hubert
Patti LeFever
James Ruch 
Penny Strain

Cafeteria Monitors

Malinda Johnson

Charge Policy: Students in grades K-12 are allowed to charge meals. Charges are limited to five dollars. Children in grades K-5, who exceed the five dollar limit, may be offered a cheese sandwich, juice and milk. Students in grades 6-12 may be denied a meal. Please check your child's account to ensure they have lunch money. Elementary students who have account balances less than five dollars will be given a notice each week. Please check your child's backpack for this notice or call the cafe manager if you are unsure. Middle and High school students can learn their balance by asking a cashier.

Every effort is made, on the part of the cafeteria to help your child to have a balanced school meal. Please do your part to help us.
Thank You.
Please pay any charges before the end of this school year.

Free Lunch and snack are available at Welch Field this summer. Please sign up in June at Welch Field.

Call the YWCA for more information. 326-4012