• Volunteer opportunities in the community
    Community Organizations on this list have been approved for students to receive credit for WAVE hours.
             Student Log must be signed by a person on the list.
             Please click on link in left column "Approved Organization list" to access the page with full listing
                   of organizations and contact information.
                   The list continues to be updated as additional organizations submit necessary information.
    Volunteer opportunities within the school setting
    Groups and organizations within the school community are also approved including:
       • working with various sports as managers, scorekeepers, line boys/girls, among other roles. Students need to speak with the coach.
       • Key Club
       • Music program: help with play sets, musicals, volunteering to play at activities in the community among other opportunities. See the appropriate music
          program teacher.
       • Volunteer to help in a classroom: see the teacher or speak to WAVE program co-coordinator.
       • Mentor or tutor: see Mr. Cooper or Mrs. Brinkley
       • Help/ volunteer with other school related activities including helping with Middle School activities, Elementary school activities or other opportunities
           as they arise: check with associated advisor, Supervising teacher or Administrator or WAVE program co-coordinator.