• Evaluating Web Sites

    Types of Sites:

    1. Personal pages
    2. Promotional (to sell something)
    3. Current–provides up-to-date information
    4. Informational to share information on a particular topic or hobby
    5. Persuasive
    6. Instructional
    7. Entertainment

    Evaluative Guidelines:

    1. Authority
      1. Who is responsible for the page?
      2. What are their qualifications? Can you verify them?
      3. Check the footer at the bottom of the page for author information.
    1. Currency
      1. Are the dates clear when the Web site was first created and last edited?
      2. Check the footer for information on when the site was last edited.
      3. Check the content to see if the site is being actively maintained.
    1. Coverage
      1. What is the coverage of the site?
      2. Are there clear headings to illustrate an outline of the content?
      3. Is the navigation clear?
      4. Check the header for a clear title and Web site description.
    1. Objectivity
      1. Are the biases clearly stated?
      2. Are the affiliations clear?
      3. Check the content for a statement of purpose.
      4. Check to see the type of Web site and potential audience. (Entertainment sites are generally not a good source of information of a scientific nature. Science web sites are not good for information on entertainment.)
      5. Check the domain (i.e. .gov, .com, .edu) to determine the organizational source of the Web site and how this reflects on the content type.
    1. Accuracy
      1. Are sources of information and factual data listed and available for crosschecking?
      2. Check the content for accuracy of spelling, grammar, and facts.
      3. Check the content for a bibliography of other Web sites, print data, and other references.

    From the Daniel A. Reed Library. Used with permission.