Our Computer Lab Class Times
5th Grade:
Mrs. Post's Class- A & B Days from 9:05-9:45
Mr. Putney's Class- C & E  Days from 9:05-9:45
Mr. Dellow's Class- D & F Days from 9:05-9:45
3rd Grade:
Mrs. Harp's Class- A & F Days from 10:10-10:50
Mrs. Snyder's Class- B & D Days from 10:05-10:45
Mrs. Stotz and Mrs. McCord's Classes- C & E Days from 10:10-10:50
Ms Meyer's Class- A & E Days from 12:05-12:45
Mrs. Deland's Class- B & F Days from 12:05-12:45
4th Grade:
Ms. O'Neil and Mrs. McCord's Classes- A & E Days from 12:50-1:30
Mrs. Claypoole's Class- B & F Days 12:50-1:30
Mrs. Swank's Class- C & D Days 12:50-1:30
1st Grade:
Ms. Fermier's Class- A & E Days from 1:35-2:15
Mrs. Tenamore's Class- B & F Days from 1:35-2:15
Mrs. Miller's Class- C & D Days from 1:35-2:15
2nd Grade:
Mrs. Oakes & Mrs. Clamp's Classes- A & F Days from 2:20-3:00
Ms. Wardell's Class- B & D Days from 2:20-3:00
Ms. Smith's Class- C & E Days from 2:20-3:00