Third Grade
Third graders select three books per library visit.  Please remind your child to return his/her library books on "Library Day."  Students may also visit the library daily before morning announcements.
Mrs. Harp: Monday and Thursday
Mrs. Snyder: Tuesday and Wednesday
Mrs. Stotz: Thursday and Friday
Welcome to Third Grade Concentration Game 
Internet Safety Games
Cave Research Links 
Cave Cricket, Guano, Stalagmites, Stalactites, Blind Cavefish, Common Vampire Bat, Grizzly Bear, Fungi, Spelunking
Ice Cave
Lava Cave
 Cave Art
Cave Pearls
 Speleothems  Click individuals, then formations.
Sink Holes
Puerto Rican Boa
 Kaua'i Cave Wolf Spider
Cave Zones
Twilight Zone
 Constant Temperature Zone
 Troglobites, Troglophiles, and Trogloxenes
Cave Hangman 
Peachboy Video
Japan Sports and Games Video
End of the Year Jeopardy
St. Patrick's Day Concentration Game
Buried Treasure Video
Cave Jeopardy 
Haiku Video
Tea Ceremony Video
Japan Map Jeopardy
Frog Video
Italy Video
My Big Campus
Fun Brain
Frog Blog
Square Dancing Video Link
Concentration Game
Matching Game
Wacky Web Tales
Library Battleship
Nik Wallenda
Flower Game
Frog Activities
Frog, Water, Library Stuff Jeopardy
Frog Mad Libs
Mrs. Harp's Name Selector
Ms. Krueger's Name Selector
Mrs. Snyder's Name Selector