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    Hall Behavior

    An important index of school morale and spirit is corridor behavior. It is below the dignity of a student body with high standards to fall victim to crude patterns of behavior in the school building. Very often visitors to the school may judge us and our school by our conduct in the halls, as they may not have other opportunities to really observe us in classes and in other school situations. Upon entering the school building, voices should be lowered out of consideration for others. An orderly passing to and from classes results in greater relaxation for both students and teachers.


    Complying with the following expectations is necessary:

    1.      Students need to keep voices down in the hall. Be courteous and considerate of others.

    2.      Keep to the right of stairways and halls and obey other safety regulations such as taking one step at a time on stairways, walking with the flow of traffic, not against, and not walking arm in arm.

    3.      Students have an assigned place at all times during the school day. Go there promptly. Students who are late to class without an acceptable excuse are subject to detention conducted by the teacher of that class. Be in your assigned place.

    4.      Avoid loud talking or whistling, roughness of any kind with other students, careless walking or running.

    5.      Refrain from standing in front of a classroom door and from looking in door windows when other classes are in session. To do so is discourteous and unfair to your fellow students and teachers.

    6.      Public display of affection is not in good taste. Please don’t place yourself in the embarrassing situation of having to be spoken to by the faculty about this.

    7.      Writing on or in lockers or on corridor and lavatory walls is forbidden.



    A corridor locker is assigned to each student in grades 6-12 at the beginning of each school year. Since the student is responsible for the care of this locker, the student should report the condition of the locker to the main office. Do not damage, tape material or write on the locker. If damage is done to the locker during the school year, it should be reported to the main office. The school will not be responsible for materials left in lockers; it is the student’s responsibility to keep the locker locked at all times the student is not using it. Lockers must be emptied before the final week of examinations.


    Bus Behavior

    1.      When boarding or leaving the bus, students should line up single file.

    2.      Students who must cross the road after leaving the bus should walk at least ten feet ahead of the bus so that they can be seen by the driver and cross only after being signaled by the driver.

    3.      Students should be on time. The bus cannot wait for those who are tardy. While waiting for the bus, students should stand off the highway.

    4.      When in the bus, students must sit down and remain seated.

    5.      When students are assigned to seats, they will sit in those seats unless given permission to sit elsewhere by the driver.

    6.      Eating on the bus is prohibited. Paper and other scrap should be kept on the person and carried off the bus when leaving.

    7.      Tossing articles around the bus is dangerous and is prohibited. It could lead to distracting the driver’s attention.

    8.      Profanity is unacceptable.

    9.      Smoking, drug use and paraphernalia on the bus is prohibited.

    10. Hands and arms must be kept inside the window openings.

    11. Any damage should be reported to the driver immediately.

    12. Show respect for the driver who is responsible for your safety.

    13. Except for ORDINARY conversation, classroom conduct is required.

    14. The driver will report to the office any students who fail to cooperate with him.

    15. Play weapons such as water pistols, rubber bands, etc., will be confiscated and not returned to the students.

    16. Students must ride on the bus to which they are assigned unless they have a note, approved by the building principal, giving them permission to change.

    17. Bus Radio System is for the use of the driver only.

    18. Students will not be allowed on the bus beyond their home or meeting place unless the building principal gives special permission after written request from the parent.

    19. Pick up and discharge points for students will be designated.

    20. Bus Evacuation Drills will be held, in accordance with the law, several times during the year.

    21. To insure safety when crossing railroad tracks, the driver is required to come to a complete stop.


    Superintendent of Schools or his /her designee may refuse students the privilege of riding on the buses. If a student is denied this privilege, it becomes the responsibility of the student’s parents to furnish the transportation.


    Expectations for Conduct at Dances

    1.      Dances will be scheduled for specific grade levels (i.e., 6-8 or 9-12). Organizations wanting to sponsor a dance must have prior approval from the administration.

    2.      Each dance must have a minimum of four chaperones. Two of these may be parents; two must be members of the faculty.

    3.      Students who wish to bring a guest to a dance must secure a visitor’s pass from the principal prior to the dance and sign up in the Secondary office prior to the dance.

    4.      Completed dance request forms must be submitted to the Building Principal at least one week in advance. (Parent acceptance forms acknowledging their responsibility as chaperones must accompany the completed dance request form). If this requirement is not met, the activity will be canceled.

    5.      Student Expectations:

    a)      Appropriate attire will be required, following dress code.

    b)      Once a student enters the dance, the student must remain in the building. If a student leaves the building, the student will not be permitted to re-enter.

    c)      Students should make arrangements for getting home promptly at the end of the dance.

    d)     Students will enter and leave the building only through the designated doors.

    e)      All schools rules will be in effect.

    6.      The faculty member at the door may deny any student the privilege of attending the dance if the faculty member feels the student has not conformed to the regulations or who is in any other way unacceptable.

    7.      After the dance, all decorations must be removed and all tables, chairs, etc., must be returned to the proper locations. The area must be cleaned.



    The Library is for use as a lending and research area. Students are expected to adhere to the following procedures:

    1.      Students wishing to go to the library from a class will get a signed pass from the classroom teacher for whom he has work. The pass will state the time the student is to return to the classroom.

    2.      Regular library materials circulate for 2 weeks. Reference materials circulate overnight.

    3.      Computers are for research only, no games.

    4.      Library hours 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

    5.      Student identification cards will be used to check-out library materials






    Evacuation Drills

    The signal for a Fire Drill will be a series of coded rings on the Fire Alarm Bells. Emergency drills, Evacuation drills or Lockdown drills will also be held for the district. Pupils are to leave the building and return in good order without talking. The procedure for exiting the building outlined on a map in each classroom must be followed.


    Use of Building after School

    Because of insurance regulations, students may not use any part of the building during school hours or after school hours, except under the supervision of a teacher. Unless students are scheduled to see a teacher, have a student activity or are assigned to detention, students must leave the school building following afternoon dismissal. Students who remain in the corridors after the close of the school day and disregard this rule will be considered insubordinate with appropriate consequences.


    National Honor Society

    The Westfield Chapter (#2574) of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools was established in the high school in May 1941. Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon a student.

    Selection for membership in the local chapter of the NHS is made by a faculty council and is based on the criteria of outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service, as determined in the Constitution of the NHS. Students in grades 10-12 are eligible for consideration for membership.


    To meet the scholarship requirement, the students must have and maintain a cumulative academic average of 90%. Averages will be reviewed following the second marking period of each academic year. Students who are eligible scholastically shall be notified and informed that for further consideration for selection to the NHS Chapter, they must complete the Student Activity Information form and submit it to the faculty council. It should be noted that this form is not an application for membership, nor does it guarantee selection. It is a tool to be used by the NHS faculty council as they review each of the candidates with respect to character, leadership, and service. The form will be reviewed by the faculty council along with any other verifiable information concerning the candidate. A majority vote from the faculty council constitutes eligibility for induction. Published standards of the National Honor Society (1983) will be used as guidelines in the selection procedure.


    Candidates will receive their first public notification of selection when they are “tapped” during the third quarter of the school year. Official ceremonial induction will follow soon after the tapping. Members who resign or who are dismissed from the National Honor Society are never again eligible for membership or its benefits.

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