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Mrs. Laura Wilson
English 11, JCC College Composition I (1510), JCC College Composition II (1530); Writing About Literature (1540) 
Room 234
Contact Information
Please contact me at 326-2151 Ext. 322
Please check each class link for in-class activities and homework. 
Please email me at lwilson@wacs2. (followed by)
 A Days- Periods 1-2 English 11; Period 3 Prep;  Periods 4-5 English 1530; Lunch; Periods  6-7 English 1530;  Period 8 Prep; Period 9 Prep

B Days - Period 1 Study Hall; Period 2 Prep;  Period 3 JCC English 1510; Periods 4-5 English 1530; Lunch; Periods 6-7 English 1530 ; Period 8  JCC English 1510; Period 9 - Prep